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Taranto, famous for its rich and decorative past in the Magna Grecia of the splendid Greek civilization, is a fascinating city, known for its history and its two seas: Mar Piccolo and Mar Grande which surround the island of the old town.

Hotel L'Arecangelo, due to its strategic position, is an ideal departure point for discovering all the most important monuments of the city:
  • Duomo di San Domenico with its cloisters
  • The Cathedral of San Cataldo
  • The Diocesane Museum
  • The Cloisters of San Francesco
  • D'Aquino Palace
  • Pantaleo Palace and d'Ayala Valva Palace
  • Columns from the Temple of Poseidon dating back to VI century B.C.
  • The Aroganese Castle
  • The National Archeological Museum, considered to be one of the most important in Europe
  • The remains of several Greek-Roman necropolises and room tombs, among which there is the athletes' tomb
  • The Cript of the Redeemer• The "Concathedral" designed by Giò Ponti.
Furthermore, it is possible to go on suggestive excursions by sea on a comfortable ferryboat and reach one of the Cheradi Islands.

The "Holy Week Rites" are particularly interesting for travellers. They show a deep and heart-felt popular devotion. These rites which attract several tourists from all over the world, begin on Palm Sunday and finish with two processions: the one of the "Addolorata" which takes place on Holy Thursday and the one of the "Misteri" which takes place on Good Friday. During the processions, the confraternities walk extremely slowly and bare footed in an all-night procession carrying splendid statues on their backs.

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Hotel L'Arcangelo Hotel L'Arcangelo
Hotel L'Arcangelo Hotel L'Arcangelo