The coastline of wonders

Miles of a charming coastline  and small wonders to discover. Breathtaking colourful beaches and enchanted white villages

Marina di Leporano, boasts a rocky coastline with  sandy coves, lapped by the Ionian sea.   Baia di Gandoli is a natural cove, partly public and partly private, where comforts and services merge with the wonderful surrounding landscape. The crystal clear and shallow water meets the sandy and fine sand..


Overlooking the clear Ionian Sea, which laps the Gulf of Taranto, Marina di Lizzano stretches for 7 kilometres along Salento coastline, in the strip of coast between Marina di Pulsano and Torre Ovo.  After the town centre by the sea, as far as Torre Sgarrata, there are kilometres of large beaches with soft sand, lapped by the crystal clear and inviting sea.
The colour of the sand is so clear to give  the water Caribbean shades ,particularly  on  days when the wind from the north blows. The    sea   beds,    mostly    sandy and    sloping down, are   perfect to swim and bathe in tranquillity


An important tourist resort in in the heart of Terra d’Arneo (Arneo Land), well-known for its golden beaches and the wonderful sea and easily reacheable  as well.  The small village lives according to the rhythm of the sea and is surrounded by the beautiful small port, with the fish market and the characteristic  coloured boats.


The seaside town of Gallipoli, whose name means Beautiful City, rests like a mirage on the Ionian coast- The old town, perched on a limestone island, is connected to the new part of the town, on the mainland, by an arched bridge built in the 1900s. The walls, bastions, and towers, which originally defended the town from invaders, today protect it from swells,  preserving the charm of days gone by.

Ostuni, the White Town,  so called for the  whitewashed houses of its historic centre surrounded by Aragonese walls . A magic sight made of  alleys and small squares   climbing on the side of a hill till the top where The Cathedral  dominates the plain of ancient olive trees.